If you are looking for an Italian car repair or Italian car service, then “My Car Repair Dubai” is the best option for you. We strive to provide our customers with top-notch “Italian car repairs and services.” 

Italian cars are some of the most beautiful and stylish vehicles on the road. With cars like the “Ferrari”, “Lamborghini”, and “Maserati”, it’s no wonder that people from all over the world are drawn to them. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these luxury cars, then you need to make sure you take proper care of your car. That’s where My Car Repair Dubai comes in. We’re the leading Italian car garage in Dubai, and we’re dedicated to providing superior car services and repairs to our clients. With years of experience, our team of experts knows exactly how to keep your Italian car in tip-top condition. From regular servicing and maintenance to more complex repairs, we can do it all. We only use the high-quality parts and products on your car, so you can rest assured that it’s in good hands. 

If you’re looking for the best Italian car garage in Dubai, then look no further than our garage. Contact us today to Schedule An Appointment for an “Italian car repair or service” and get your car the care it deserves.

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Get All Italian Car Repair Services In 3 Simple Steps

Customers’ Convenience is our first priority. We want you to sit back while we do all the labor to get your car back to perfect condition. We are the most convenient option for you.


We Collect Your Car

We're just a call away. We're available 24/7, so just call us and we will collect your car from anywhere in UAE & bring it to our garage.


We Repair Your Car

After inspection & approval, our car specialists will repair your car in a very professional and timely manner.


We Deliver it back

As soon as the repairs are done, we will deliver your car at your given location.

One-Stop-Shop For Italian Car Services

As the leading Italian car service provider in Dubai, we offer all kinds of car repairs and services for Italian cars. From scheduled maintenance to emergency repairs, our team of highly skilled mechanics is always here to help. We know it can be difficult to go to different car garages for different Italian car services, which is why we offer everything your Italian car needs under one roof. So whether you need a new set of tires or your car’s suspension or steering needs a repair, you can always count on the team at My Car Repair Dubai.

Along with our top-quality Italian car services, we also offer a wide range of other car repairs and services. So no matter what kind of car you have, we can help you with Oil Change Services, Brake Repair Services, Engine Repair Services, Transmission Repair Services, and Suspension Repair Services. We can also provide Car Dent Repair, Car Body Repair, and much more.

At our Italian car garage, we offer all kinds of general maintenance services and repairs for Italian cars. This includes oil change services, engine tune-ups, transmission and brake repairs, battery replacement services, and much more.

We only use the best quality parts and fluids for our Italian car repair and general maintenance services to ensure that your car is performing at its peak performance. Whether you need an oil change, brake pads replacement, or just routine maintenance, our team of highly skilled mechanics can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We are your one-stop shop for all your Italian car’s needs. And we offer all kinds of Italian car auto parts and accessories to keep your car in top condition. We have a wide range of parts and accessories for all the leading Italian car brands, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and more.

From engine parts and suspension parts to interior and exterior auto parts and everything in between. We have everything you need to keep your Italian car performing and looking at its best. Whether you’re looking for a replacement part or an upgrade, we have you covered.

If your Italian car is having electrical problems, our team of highly trained and certified technicians can help. We offer a wide range of electrical repair services, including battery testing and replacement, starter and alternator repair, fuse and relay replacement, and more.

We use the latest diagnostic equipment to identify and fix the electrical problems that your Italian car may be having. And we will work tirelessly to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

We are the #1 Car Tyre Shop In Dubai, offering a wide range of tires for all types of Italian cars. From performance tires to SUV tires, we have everything you need to keep your Italian car running smoothly. We stock tyres from all the leading brands in the market, including Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, and more.

Our team of experts will help you choose the right tyres for your Italian car, based on your driving habits and the roads you usually drive on. We also offer a wide range of tyre services, such as tyre rotation, wheel balancing, and alignment. We can also inflate your Italian car's tyres with nitrogen.

Our car workshop is home to the premier Italian car wash in Dubai. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to clean your Italian car inside out. From engine compartment steam cleaning and underbody cleaning to interior cleaning and exterior washing and waxing, we have everything you need to keep your Italian car shining.

Our team of experienced car wash specialists will treat your car with the utmost care and attention to detail. We also offer car detailing and car polishing services to give your Italian car a showroom-worthy shine.

Does your Italian car need mechanical repair? If so, you can count on the team of highly trained skilled professionals at our Italian car garage. We have years of experience working on all types of Italian cars, and we can quickly and accurately diagnose and fix any problem your car may be having.

We offer a wide range of mechanical repair services, including engine repair, transmission repair, suspension repair, and more. We know that your car is a significant investment, and we will treat it with the care and respect it deserves.

Our state-of-the-art Italian car service center also offers major repairs for Italian cars. We have the skills and experience necessary to handle any major repair your car may need, including engine replacement, transmission replacement, and more.

No matter what Italian car you drive, we can provide you with a high-quality major Italian car repair. We understand that major repairs can be costly, and we will work with you to find the most cost-effective solution for your problem.

Italian Car Repair And Service For All Makes & Models

We pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line “Italian car repairs and services” for all makes and models of cars. From Ferrari to Lamborghini, Maserati to Alpha Romeo, our team has the experience and expertise in working on Italian luxury cars. We understand that each Italian car is unique, and requires a different level of care. And we will provide you with Italian car services that are specified for the make and model of your Italian car. Owning an Italian car is a true privilege, and we want to help you keep your car running in tip-top shape so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Whether you drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini, our team of experts will provide you with the highest quality Italian car repair and service, that is tailored specifically for your car. 

No matter if you own an Italian Sports Car, an Italian Sedan, or an Italian SUV, we can provide you with the best Italian car repair and service. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment and bring your Italian car to “My Car Repair Dubai.”

Italian Car Brands we repair at our garage

Looking For An Italian Car Repair Garage Near Me

Are you searching for an Italian car garage near me? or an Italian car repair near me? If you are in need of any repair or service for Italian cars, then you should search for “My Car Repair Dubai.” Our Italian car garage is equipped with the latest tools and technologies to provide you with the highest quality of service. Our team of highly trained and skilled mechanics is always ready to help you with any problem that you may have with your Italian car. From engine repair and transmission repair to suspension repair and suspension repair, we can do it all. We understand the importance of keeping your vehicle in top shape and we will do everything possible to ensure that your car is running smoothly for years to come.

So next time when you search for an “Italian car repair or Italian car garage near me“, be sure to keep My Car Repair Dubai in mind. Schedule An Appointment and bring your car to our Italian car auto repair shop. We will be more than happy to help you with all your Italian car repair needs.

FAQs - Italian Car Repair Garage In Dubai

My Car Repair Dubai is a premier Italian car repair and maintenance facility. We provide a wide range of services, including scheduled maintenance services, oil change services, engine and transmission repairs, electrical repairs, and much more.

My Car Repair Dubai repairs and services all makes and models of Italian cars. So whether you drive an Alfa Romeo or Maserati, Lamborghini or Ferrari we can repair and service your Italian car.

If you have any issues with your Italian car, please contact us to Schedule An Appointment and bring your car to our Italian car garage so that our experienced technicians can take a look at it. We will diagnose the problem and provide you with the best course of action.

The cost of Italian car services and repairs varies depending on the type of service or repair you need and the make and model of your Italian car. However, we offer competitive prices and will work with you to find the best solution for your car.

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