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Looking for the best Ford dent repair in Dubai look no further than us. We are the leading independent Ford service center to provide the best and top-notch Ford dent repair services in Al Quoz, Dubai, UAE.

We are the leading car garage in Ford Body Shop & Body Repair Services and our professionals are experts in providing the finest Ford dent repair services. The team at My Car Repair Dubai is proficient in providing all kinds of dent repairs. So no matter what kind of dent, whether minor scratches or complex damages we can repair it all. We use the latest tools and techniques and have years of knowledge and experience that we put to work when repairing the dents. Plus we offer the “most competitive rates” in the town and other add-on benefits that make our dent repair service the best deal for our customers. 

If you want to know more about our dent repair services or need a piece of expert advice Contact Us Now And Get A Free Consultation. We are here to help you with all your car service and maintenance needs.

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Customers’ Convenience is our first priority. We want you to sit back while we do all the labor to get your car back to perfect condition. We are the most convenient option for you.


We Collect Your Car

We're just a call away. We're available 24/7, so just call us and we will collect your car from anywhere in UAE & bring it to our garage.


We Repair Your Car

After inspection & approval, our car specialists will repair your car in a very professional and timely manner.


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As soon as the repairs are done, we will deliver your car at your given location.

Ford Dent Repair Services At My Car Repair Dubai

We understand that your Ford is a valuable asset and hence we take utmost care while repairing it. Our professional crew is accustomed to and experienced in all dent repair types. Some of the dent repair services that we offer for Ford are:

Paintless dent repair is a method of dent removal that does not require the use of fillers or painting. This type of repair is often used for more minor dents and can be less expensive than traditional methods. It can also be used to remove hail damage.

First, our qualified technicians will assess the damage to your Ford. They will then use a special tool to gently push the dent out from the inside. Finally, they will polish the area to restore the original finish. This process is much quicker and cheaper than traditional auto body repair methods, and it will leave your Ford with its original paint job intact.

For smaller dents, a paintless dent repair is the best option. If you have a small dent or ding in your Ford, Contact Us For A Free Repair Quote. Our expert technicians will be able to quickly and easily remove the dent, without damaging your paintwork.

Frame straightening is a vital repair process for Ford vehicles that have been involved in serious accidents. The frame may be bent or warped as a result of the impact, which can pose a serious safety hazard. Frame straightening is a complex and time-consuming process, but it is typically necessary in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle and its passengers.

If you have been involved in an accident and your Ford frame is bent or warped, it is important to contact us and have our qualified technician take a look at it as soon as possible. Our qualified technicians are highly adept with this type of work.

Our technicians use special equipment to straighten the frame and return it to its original shape. This process can take several hours, but the crucial part is we ensure that the frame is completely straight before driving the vehicle again. Don't wait any longer. Call Us and we will reach your location in minutes and bring your Ford to our garage.

Traditional dent repair is ideal for larger, more complex dents that damage the paint and panel of a car. This type of repair is often more expensive and time-consuming than other methods. The process can take a few hours to a few days, depending on the size and severity of the dent. This method is usually more expensive than Paintless dent repair, but it can provide better results for certain types of damage.

When we brought your Ford to us. First, we assess the damage to your Ford. Next, we prepare the area for repair by cleaning and sanding the affected area. Then, we use a unique filler to repair the damage. Finally, we paint the area to match the rest of your Ford. We use the latest technology and equipment to get your Ford to its former glory as soon as possible.

At My Car Repair Dubai, we specialize in Ford dent repair. We have the knowledge and experience to fix any size or type of dent. For A Free Estimate Call Us. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you got dents in your Ford from an accident then there is a good chance that the bumper has taken a hit as well. While taking care of your dents we also make sure to fix your bumper as well to make your Ford back to what it used to look like pre-accident.

If the damage to your bumper is minor, you may be able to have it repaired. This is a less expensive option. However, if the damage to your bumper is more severe, you may need to have it replaced. Though this might be a more expensive option, it means that your bumper will be better than ever.

We have the proper tools and experience to fix your Ford bumper. We will make sure that your Bumper looks as good as new when we are finished. We also offer a wide variety of Ford bumper replacements, so you're sure to find one that's perfect for your needs.

Scratches are also known as creased dents. These are commonly caused when your Ford is dragged along by an object or another car. It usually happens in tight spaces, such as parking lots or garages. If you find this type of dent in your Ford, it's important to have it repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Our Ford scratch removal and repaint service is a process of removing scratches from your Ford's paintwork and then applying a fresh layer of paint. This can be done by either sanding down the affected area and then repainting it, or by using a chemical stripper to remove the old paint and then applying a new coat. Either way, this process will help to restore the original look of your car and protect it from further damage.

So if you are looking for scratch removal or repaint Book An Appointment and your Ford will be blemish-free in a matter of time.

Besides Ford dent repair, if your Ford is in need of any type of repair or maintenance, then our shop is the perfect place to bring it! We offer a wide range of Ford-specific services, from Ford Body Repair In Dubai, Ford Transmission/Gearbox Repair In Dubai, Ford Engine Repair In Dubai, Ford Brake Repair In Dubai, Ford Accident/Collision Repair In Dubai, Ford AC Repair In Dubai, Ford Car Wash, Ford Tyre Shop Service, Professional Ford Oil Change, as well as 30 more Ford services. So whatever your Ford needs, we've got you covered!

Get The Best Ford Dent Repair Services Now In Dubai

When you are looking for your Ford dents to be repaired you want to find a reputable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable garage. My Car Repair Dubai is just that – a leading provider of quality Ford Dent Repair Services. We take great pride in our perfectionism as well as professionalism when it comes to Ford dent repair. When we bring your Ford to us we make it our moral responsibility to restore it to its former glory.

Our crew is highly dedicated to providing you with the best possible dent repair service. With a team well-versed in all Ford services, we can repair dents, scratches, and dings for all makes and models of Fords. We have got paintless dent repair for small minor damages and traditional dent repair for more complex and challenging issues. Whether your Ford needs minor repairs or major body work, from simple fender benders to complete overhauls we do it all.

If you have a dent that you are looking to get repaired don’t wait any further, Contact Our Experts Now. At one call, we will come to your place, bring your Ford to us, repair it and leave it all-new back at your location. It can not get more awesome, right?

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you to get started on the path to repairing your Ford dents.

Ford Dent Repair Cost

When it comes to Ford dent repair costs My Car Repair Dubai provides the most competitive rates without compromising on the quality. However, the exact quote can’t be listed as it varies depending on the model of Ford as well as the type and severity of the dent.

Contact Our Experts Now, once they get a complete picture of the damage and the service you are looking for they will provide you with an exact quote. We provide free consultations & quotes, so you can make better decisions about your Ford’s care.

Ford Dent Repair Types That We Cover

As a leading provider of Ford dent repair services in Dubai, we are proud to offer our clients a comprehensive range of options to choose from. Whether you have a small ding or a large dent, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

Here are the Ford dent repair types that we cover:

Sharp dents are usually small and have well-defined edges. They are caused by something like a small metal object hitting the car exterior hard enough to cause it to deform. The impact of the object can leave a sharp mark on the surface, but the damage may be more extensive below the panels. 

These types of dents can be very difficult to repair, so it is important to seek out our Professional Auto Body Shop if you have this type of damage on your Ford.

Round dents tend to form in the center of a car’s door, hood, or fender. These dents are usually the result of a small impact, such as a hailstone or a pebble kicked up by a passing car. A round dent can also occur if a car comes in contact with a tennis ball or football. Round dents are typically small in size and may be barely noticeable. 

Round dent repair is a relatively simple process that can be completed with our Paintless dent repair service.

Hail dents are small, round dents that can form on your car after a hailstorm. They are often caused by hail stones that hit your car and dent the metal. While dents by snow hail are a rare occurrence in the UAE, they can still happen. As hail dents are just like round dents they can be easily fixed with our PDR services.

Crease dents are one of the most difficult types of damage to repair. The dent looks like a screech mark and is commonly caused when the car is dragged along a pillar, tree branches, or any other car or object.

To repair this type of damage, our technicians use a special tool to apply pressure to the dent from the inside. This will gradually push the dent out until it is level with the rest of the surface. Once the dent is level, the technicians will then work on repairing any scratches or paint damage that may have occurred.

A ding is a small dent on the surface of a car. Dings are caused by rocks or other objects hitting the surface of the car. Dings are not as deep as dents, and they do not usually damage the paint. If your Ford has suffered dings over time don’t worry we will make it look new again.

What If I Leave My Ford Dent Untreated?

This is the question that comes to most people’s minds. Life is as busy as it gets and finding time to have a little dent repaired can become quite challenging sometimes. But if a little dent is left untreated it is bad news for you Ford. The dent will become bigger over time. The paint will be affected and there is a high chance of rust and corrosion development. The value of your Ford will drop and the cost of repairing that damage will increase day by day.

That’s where we come in – At our Ford service center, we put our customers first. We understand that it can be difficult for you to take time from your busy lives for proper Ford care. But don’t worry because we have got you covered. We are just a phone call away. 

At the tap of a button, we will reach your destination. If your Ford can be repaired on site we will repair it at your location. Otherwise, we will bring it to our garage. Once it is repaired to the highest standard we will leave it back at your exact destination.

So what are you waiting for Book Our Mobile Service Now to have your Ford repaired at the ease of your home.

The Solution For "Ford Dent Repair" Near Me

Dents happen. Sometimes they are the result of accidents other times the force of nature is to be blamed. Getting a deformity in your Ford because of a dent can be one of the most horrible experiences. In a panic, you start searching for “Ford dent repair near me”. However, take a breath, relax and leave all your dent-related worries to us. We will make sure that your Ford deformities are gone and it is as good as new is when we are done.

So next time you are looking for “Ford repair near me” search for “My Car Repair Dubai” on your first thought. We are highly trained and experienced in repairing all makes and models of Fords, and we only use the best tools and materials to get the job done right.

With a long list of general car services like Car Wash, Car Upholstery, Brake Repair, Tyre Repair & Service, Accident Repair, Car Body Services, AC Service, Suspension Repairs, and many more. We strive to be the best workshop in Dubai. We are here to help you with every car need you have.

Ready to get started Book An Appointment Now and we’ll get to work as quickly as possible.

My Car Repair Dubai is here to solve all your Ford dent problems.

FAQs - Ford Dent Repair Workshop in Dubai

PDR is the fastest, convenient and cheapest way to remove dents whereas traditional dent repair involves a lot of steps and will take a lot of time.

So if the dent can be repaired with PDR it will be a matter of minutes before it is done. If the dent is severe and will require traditional dent repair it can take up to a day or more.

We have a skillful time that is prepared to take on both types efficiently. Book An Appointment Now to get a dent-free Ford in no time.

Yes, all dents of your Ford are repairable. 

At our garage, our professional crew is highly motivated to provide you with the best possible Ford repair service every time. Whether it is small damage or a complex task we will provide you with top-quality results. We can repair all kinds of dent repairs for your Ford. Book An Appointment and see how our unrivaled service speaks for itself.

This is a common question that we get here at our garage. And the answer is NO, PDR will not damage your Ford paint. In fact, PDR is actually a very effective way to remove those unsightly dings and dents from your vehicle.

We have a PDR team that is highly experienced and knowledgeable in PDR. We make sure and guarantee that no other nearby area will be affected during our PDR service.

PDR is a convenient way to remove minor dents and dings. During our PDR service, we make it certain that it is permanent. That means the dent cannot re-appear by itself again.

Technically you can repair your Ford’s dent yourself but it is highly suggested that you should not. Without the proper knowledge and incorrect techniques, you can further increase the damage hence increasing the cost.

The best bet is to leave this job to our professionals. Contact Us Now! We will quickly and efficiently recover your Ford from the dents and make it look great again.

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