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If you’re looking for a car general repair or car maintenance service, “then My Car Repair Dubai” is the perfect place for you. We aim to provide our customers with top-quality “general repairs and maintenance services.” 

Our auto repair shop is your best source for quick and reliable car general repairs. My Car Repair Dubai uses state-of-art equipment and technology to diagnose and repair your vehicle quickly and accurately. Our mechanics are highly trained and experienced in car general repair and maintenance services, so you can rest assured that your car is in good hands. We can help you with all the general repairs, from fixing a flat tire to a full engine replacement. We understand that your car is a crucial part of your life, and that’s why we work hard to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Contact Us today to schedule an appointment for car general repair and get your car repaired to the highest standards.

Car General Repair In Dubai

100% Free inspection

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Get Our Car General Repair Services In 3 Simple Steps

Customers’ Convenience is our first priority. We want you to sit back while we do all the labor to get your car back to perfect condition. We are the most convenient option for you.


We Collect Your Car

We're just a call away. We're available 24/7, so just call us and we will collect your car from anywhere in UAE & bring it to our garage.


We Repair Your Car

After inspection & approval, our car specialists will repair your car in a very professional and timely manner.


We Deliver it back

As soon as the repairs are done, we will deliver your car at your given location.

One-Stop-Shop For Car General Repair & Maintenance Services

If you’re in need of any general repair and maintenance service, look no further than My Car Repair Dubai. We provide a wide variety of car repairs and maintenance services, under one roof. So you don’t have to go from place to place, or shop to shop, to get your car repaired or serviced. Plus, we offer competitive prices so that you won’t have to break the bank for our top-notch car general repairs.

In addition to general repair and maintenance services, we also offer a wide variety of car repairs and services. We are experts in Oil Change Services, Brake Repair Services, Engine Repair Services, Suspension Repair Services, and Transmission Repair Services. We can also provide Car Detailing Services, Undercoating / Rustproofing services, and much more services.

At our general repair garage, we can take care of any Electrical Repair that your car needs. Whether it's a faulty battery, alternator, starter, or anything in between, our team of experts can quickly diagnose the problem and get it fixed in no time. We can also repair any electrical issues you may be having with your car's lights or audio system.

My Car Repair Dubai is also your one-stop shop for all your Car's Mechanical Repair needs. Our team of highly trained and skilled mechanics can handle engine repairs/rebuild, as well as transmission, brakes, suspension repairs, and other mechanical repairs and services. Plus, we only use the highest quality parts to keep your car in top shape.

In addition to our mechanical and electrical repairs, we also offer Body Repair Services. If your car has any cosmetic damage, or if you've been in an accident and need some repair work done, our experts can help. We can also provide a complete paint job to change the look of your car as well as headlight restoration, etc.

Our car minor service includes an oil change service, oil filter change, top up of all fluids, air and AC filter service, a general inspection of the vehicle, and more. Car minor service should be performed on a regular basis to keep your car in good condition and to prevent any major repairs from being needed.

We also provide expert underbody car repair services. This includes anything from rust removal and prevention to repairing a damaged exhaust system. We can straighten out the car's chassis, in case of a car collision. We can also take care of any issues that you may be having with your car's shocks, struts, axles, or any other component.

As part of our general repair and maintenance services, we also offer tyre checkups and replacement services. We can check the condition of your tyres and inflate them if needed. We can also rotate your tyres to ensure even wear and tear. If you need new tyres, we can help you choose the right type and size for your car.

At our car garage, we offer suspension inspection as part of our general car repairs. Our mechanics will check for wear and tear on all of the suspension components. This includes the shocks, springs, control arms, and other suspension components. If we find any problems, we'll let you know and recommend the best course of action.

When you bring your car to our garage for general repair or maintenance services. We will check the conditions of fluids, including engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, and windshield washer fluid. We'll top-up fluids that are low and let you know if there are any leaks.

A car major service is a bit more extensive than a car minor service and should be performed regularly to ensure the longevity of your car. We will follow the manufacturer’s specifications of your car to provide major service at the recommended time to make sure that your car is running at its best.

Car General Repair & Maintenance for all cars

We offer general repairs for all cars, so no matter what make or model of the car you have, we can help. Whether you own a sedan, an SUV, or a sports car, our skilled technicians can perform a variety of general repair and maintenance services on your car, including oil and filter change service, tire rotations, brake repair, or engine tune-ups.

We are also experts in vintage models and if your car model is the latest release, we can work on that too. Our team is always up-to-date with the latest advancements in the automotive industry, so you can be assured that your car will receive the best possible service.

Whether you drive an Audi or BMW, a Honda or a Toyota, we can take care of all your general repair needs. Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

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Brands we serve At My Car Repair Dubai

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Rolls Royce Repair Dubai
Alfa Romeo Repair Dubai
Bentley Repair Dubai
Lamborghini Repair Dubai
Ferrari Repair Dubai
Land Rover Repair Dubai
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McLaren Repair Dubai
Nissan Repair Dubai
Toyota Repair Dubai
Ford Repair Dubai
W-Motors Repair Dubai
MG Repair Dubai
Lotus Repair Dubai
Tesla Repair Dubai
Aston Martin Repair Dubai
Mercedes Repair Dubai
BMW Repair Dubai
FIAT Repair Dubai
Volvo Repair Dubai
Acura Repair Dubai
Lincoln Repair Dubai
Chevrolet Repair Dubai
Peugeot Repair Dubai
Opel Repair Dubai
SEAT Repair Dubai
Pagani Repair Dubai
Skoda Repair Dubai
Subaru Repair Dubai
Lexus Repair Dubai
Jeep Repair Dubai
Jaguar Repair Dubai
Mini Cooper Repair Dubai
Honda Repair Dubai
Renault Repair Dubai
Mitsubishi Repair Dubai
Dodge Repair Dubai
Infiniti Repair Dubai

Our auto repair workshop is the leading provider of vehicle repair and maintenance services in the city. At My Car Repair Dubai, we provide top-quality auto repair services for all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Whether you need a simple oil change or a complex engine repair, our team of skilled technicians is here to help. We also have experience servicing both gasoline and diesel engines, so no matter what kind of vehicle you have, we should be able to take care of it.

My Car Repair Dubai is your one-stop shop when it comes to car maintenance and repairs. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality service at an affordable price. We understand the importance of your vehicle, and we will do everything we can to keep it running like new. Visit us today and see why we are the best choice for all of your car repair needs. Thank you for choosing My Car Repair!

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you!

Still Looking For "Car General Repair Near Me"

If you are searching for a car general repair garage near me, then you should search for “My Car Repair Dubai”. At our car workshop, we have a team of qualified and experienced mechanics who can handle any type of repair and maintenance work on your car. Whether your car needs “mechanical repair” or “electrical repair”, our experts can handle it all. We also use the latest technology in our repairs and services to ensure that your car receives the care it deserves. We know that car problems can be frustrating, so we’ll work tirelessly to repair your car quickly and efficiently.

So next time search for My Car Repair Dubai, when you are looking for a car general repair garage near you. And contact us to Schedule An Appointment for car general repair.

FAQs - Car General Repair Workshop In Dubai

We work on all types of cars including sedans, sports cars, and SUVs. Whether you have an Audi or BMW, we can service and repair your car.

If you notice any problems with your car, it is best to Schedule An Appointment with us and brings your car in for a check-up. We will diagnose the problem and let you know if your car needs repair.

The most common problems that we fix are engine issues, transmission problems, suspension problems, and electrical problems. However, we are able to fix any problem that you may have with your car.

The cost of general repairs depends on the problem and the make and model of your car. We will give you an estimate of the cost after we have diagnosed the problem.

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